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Álbuns Brasil 1995-2020

Alguns Álbuns de bandas do Brasil 1995-2020 que destacamos para você curtir boa música online (no Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube ou outras plataformas). Post sempre em atualização! No Spotify:

ELEGIA - Underworld (2004)- Darkwave, Post-punk, Gothic Rock

DAS PROJEKT (KRUMMEN MAUERN) - Songs of War (2017) Gothic Rock INDIVIDUAL INDUSTRY- Dreams Never End (2011) Synth-Wave/ Ethereal Wave

ELECTRO BROMANCE- We Are Like a Time Bomb (2017) Synth-Pop/Electro

IN AURORAM- Fenestrae (2017) Neo-Classico/ Ethereal/Darkwave

PLASTIQUE NOIR- Dead Pop (2008) + Affects (2011) Gothic Rock

SCARLET LEAVES- Outlining States of Mind (2008) + Deep Sad Frustration (2015) Ethereal-Wave

PECADORES - 10% for Jesus (2007) + Rogai por Nós, Pecadores (2010) Electro/EBM/Synth

THE KNUTZ - The Tower (2018) + We Are The Monsters (2015) Gothic Rock/Post Punk

IN AURORAM- When Daylight Fades (2009) Neo-Clássico/Ethereal/Darkwave

PITCH YEARN OF MATTER- It's New, Sounds Old and I love It (2016) Synth/Darkwave

AMONG THE MACHINES - Seduced by Suicide (2017) Darkwave/Eletro Goth

EGO ERIS- Memento Mori (2018) Gothic Rock/Darkwave

ELEGIA - Elegia (2000) Darkwave, Post-Punk, Gothic Rock

HANEY- Scarlett (2018) Ethereal, Indie, Darkwave

ÚLTIMA DANÇA - A Dança do Tempo (2007) Post Punk

NOTURNA RÉGIA- Sobre Anjos e Outros Contos (2018) Post Punk/Gothic Rock

LES CHATS NOIRS - Le Fleurs Des Morts (2017) Darkwave, Ethereal

JENNI SEX - Songs Through Your Tongue (2018) Post-Punk


ESCARLATINA OBSESSIVA - Back to the Land (2018) Post Punk, Darkwave

INDIVIDUAL INDUSTRY - Ice-Water (1996/re:2016) Darkwave/Synth

BACK LONG ARCH - Resurrection (1996*/re:2020) Darkwave/Ethereal

PLASTIQUE NOIR - Affects (2016) Gothic rock, Post-Punk

DER KALTE STERN- Doppelgänger (1997) Darkwave/Ethereal

BACK LONG ARCH- Le Feu Rouge (2017) Darkwave/Ethereal

IN AURORAM - Fenestrae (2016) Ethereal/Neoclassical IN AURORAM - When Day Light Fades (2009) Ethereal/Neoclassical

ESCARLATINA OBSESSIVA- Drusba (2015) Post-punk, Darkwave

DISKOTRONIKE- Sorrow (2008) Darkwave, Synth

ETERN - Gratitude (2018) Synth, Electro

JARDIM DO SILÊNCIO - Carmin (2015) Darkwave, Post Punk

TECHNIQUE - Connected (2018) Synth, Electro

Em outras plataformas:

ELEGIA - Underworld (2004) Gothic-rock, Darkwave, Post Punk

SILVERBLOOD- Imperfection (1995) Ethereal-wave/Electro

ZIGURATE- Zigurate (2004) Post-punk, Darkwave, Indie

ELEGIA- várias - (1990-2020) Gothic-rock, Post punk, Darkwave

STRANGEWAYS- várias - Gothic rock, Hard rock

Para Download: LATROMODEM - Elizabeth (2011) Darkwave, Post-Punk

A BANDA INVISÍVEL - A Era da Percepção (2004) Darkwave, Post-Punk

LATROMODEM - Album III (2014) Darkwave, Post-Punk




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